Skillset Fields

Skillset Fields are available in Basic and Enterprise editions.

“Skillset” fields work alongside Expert Finder, allowing you to specify skill requirements for your tasks. They enable you to see the experts qualified for a task directly on your issue screen, as well as use them in JQL queries, workflows, or automation.

As you continue learning about Skills for Jira, you will learn how “Skillset” fields are integrated into the other Skills for Jira features, allowing you to easily and automatically distribute tasks, run assignment simulations, or perform risk analytics.

Creating a Skillset custom field

  1. Select > Issues.

  2. Under FIELDS, select Custom fields.

  3. Click Create custom field. Make sure to select All to view the available field options.

  4. Select the “Skillset” field type and click Next

  5. Add the details for your field.

    The name you select appears as the custom field's title wherever the field appears. The description appears below the field when creating and editing issues, but not when browsing issues.

  6. When you have entered the field details, select Create.

  7. Add the new custom field to one or multiple screens by ticking the corresponding box and click Update.

After creating the field you will be prompted to associate the new field to your Issue Screens. This defines where your issue Skillset will be displayed

We recommend associating your Skillset field with a “Default Issue Screen” or any other screen that you use to define the main issue view (how user sees the issue when opening issue page)

Multiple fields can help you model more complex business scenarios (e.g. “Developer Skillset”, “Reviewer Skillset” and “Business SME Skillset”).

Specifying task skill requirements

After creating one or more Skillset fields you can start specifying skill requirements for your tasks by simply clicking the Skillset field on any of the issue screens:

Querying issues by experts or skill requirements with JQL

You can refer to both skill requirements (“Worker Skillset.Skills”) or qualified experts (“Worker Skillset.Experts”) in JQL to only get issues that match a certain expert.

This can be used to design personalized dashboards or automation: