The API enables you to interact with Skills for Jira programmatically. Use this API to migrate data to/from external systems, implement automation around skills (e.g. add a skill to Assignee upon task completion) or develop any other type of integration.

This page documents the available API endpoints Cloud, including the HTTP response codes and example requests and responses.

Currently, Skills for Jira exposes APIs for:

  • Skill Tree management (see API documentation)

  • User Skill management (see API documentation)

Skills for Jira API uses Bearer Authentication using a custom Authorization-Skills header. You can generate or re-generate your Bearer token at any time in your Skills for Jira - Administration Console.

Note: The same bearer token is used to access all Skills for Jira APIs.

Accessing the API

Because Skills for Jira is powered by Atlassian Forge its API endpoints inherit all characteristics of Forge Web Triggers. This means that API Endpoint URLs are specific for each Jira instance.

You can access URLs of your instance’s API endpoints in Skills for Jira - Administration console:

Skill Tree management API

You can access Skill Tree management API endpoint URLs in the “Skills” section of your Admin console

User Skill management API

You can access User Skill management API endpoint URLs in the “User” section of your Admin console