• Any user can explore the skill tree, viewing skill hierarchy and the qualified experts

  • Users can search for 1 or more skills to to find experts with the required skill set

  • Users can inspect experts’ skill sets

  • Users can identify skill gaps by comparing expert’s skill set with another user, group or any set of skills


  • By creating Skillset fields you can add skill requirements to tasks. You can model complex cases (such as separate requirements for Engineering and Business SMEs) by creating multiple fields

  • Admin can customize skill tree per field type (e.g. separate skill trees for Engineering and Business experts)

  • Users see the list of experts matching the skill requirements right on the issue screen

  • Users can query issues by skill requirements or by matching experts

  • Customers can restrict transitions to experts only



  • Authorized users can analyze any set of tickets and see:

    • Skill sets in demand and their Scarcity (Blocker (no experts), Bottleneck (1 expert), Scarce (2-3 experts) or OK)

    • Users are Bottlenecks or hold Scarce skills

    • Issues that are at risk due to skill scarcity

    • Skills for Jira quantifies demand in # of tickets, hours or Story Points if configured by the admin

You can read more about Skills for Jira analytics here: https://totem-dev.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SKILLS/pages/457310212


  • Customer can configure multiple work queues for their users to pull tasks from

    • Admin uses JQL or selects one of the existing filters to flexibly define the task scope and order in the queue

    • Tasks can be pre-assigned to not be pulled by anyone aside from the specified person

    • Dependency links can be configured, to skip tasks that depend on other tasks that are not yet completed

    • Admin can limit work in progress per queue (e.g. max 1 task or don't allow pulling while tasks in progress have more than Xh remaining time)

  • Admin can hide the work queue from their users to avoid bias and encourage pulling

  • Customer can add a "Get next task" button widget to their existing Jira dashboard

  • Users get a dedicated Assignments dashboard where they can:

    • Pull their next most imporatnt task that they are qualified for

    • See their tasks in progress

    • See their work queue (when enabled by Admin)

    • See the skill sets required by the tasks in the current queue. Skills for Jira highlights the skills that the current user lacks

    • See the other qualified experts

You can read more about self-service assignments here: https://totem-dev.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SKILLS/pages/422379521


  • User can monitor delivery metrics across work queues and identify issues like bottlenecks, blockers and idle time

  • User can see the forecast of delivery performance

  • User can view view past and future assignments on a timeline


  • Inspect each user’s personal work queue (i.e. the ordered list of tasks, first of which will be assigned to the user upon pressing the “Get next task” button)

  • View the same tasks that the user sees in their https://totem-dev.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SKILLS/pages/422379521 Dashboard

  • View tasks that are hidden from the user due to queue configuration

  • View skill gaps that prevent user from pulling tasks from their assigned work queues