Getting started

1. Create a "Skillset" custom field

  • Create a "Skillset" custom field

    • The Skillset field is where you will be specifying skill requirements for your issues.

    • Qualified experts will be identified automatically and shown to you directly on the issue screen along with the skills

    • You can create multiple Skillset fields to model your use case

Check out this article for more details:

2. Configure skills relevant for your organization

  • Open the "Skills for Jira" Configuration (“Skills / Configuration” menu)

  • Open the "Skills" tab

  • Modify/delete the default skills, add your own, and organize them into categories as you see fit

    • You can export your skills configuration for backup or migration purposes

    • You can also always reset your skills configuration to the out-of-the-box defaults

3. Configure your team members' skill sets

  • Open the "Skills for Jira" Configuration

  • Open the "Users" tab

  • Search for users you want to update

  • Use the "Modify Skills" button to configure user's skills

Updates to your team’s skills will be reflected in Skillset fields of every unresolved issue. However, propagation might take 1 hour or more, depending on the size of your Jira instance.

4. Enable self-service assignments

  • Open Skills for Jira - Configuration Console

  • Open the "Assignments" tab

  • Configure the Default Queue with Self-service assignment method or create specialized work queues, prioritize and assign them to user groups

  • Configure your work queues:

    • Scope

      • JQL filter that represent the scope of issues the relevant user groups will work on

      • The JQL filter must include issues waiting to be pulled as well as issues in progress

      • The JQL filter must be shared with your users

    • Ready for work (statuses)

      • Issues in these statuses will be pulled by your users when clicking “Get next task” in their dashboards

    • In progress (statuses)

      • When you users pull assignments, they will be transitioned into one of these statuses, depending on your workflow configuration

    • Qualification (field)

      • This field defines the skill requirements for workers. Only issues for which the user has all the necessary skills show up in user’s work queue.

Once Self-service assignments are enabled, your users will gain access to their personal Skills / Assignments dashboard and will be able to fetch their next most important task in one click

5. Start specifying skill requirements for your issues

  • Make sure that your new Skillset field is added to your issue screens (i.e. Create, View screens)

  • While creating or editing an issue, you will be able to set skill requirements by navigating or searching the skill tree

  • Submit and let Skills for Jira find the matching experts

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