Skills for Jira Data Center

Welcome to Skills for Jira!

Skills for Jira helps you keep track of the team’s skill sets and leverage them to establish transparency, objectivity and consistent focus on the most important work throughout the project.

What exactly can the “skills” abstraction do for you?

  • Laser focus on the most important work. All the time: with there is no idle time between tasks, no overhead, no negotiations, no human factor, all while making sure the team is always working on the most important task and only people with the required expertise are involved;

  • Reduce dependency on the manager for day-to-day work orchestration, eliminating manager bottleneck and freeing up their resources for more value-adding activities;

  • Scale and restructure teams easily as you go: with the skills abstraction your work distribution, planning and risk management is no longer bound to individuals, which allows you shuffle resources by simply changing their work queue configuration;

  • Know why your rock stars are rock stars and train the team to grow to fill their shoes. What exactly makes your top performaer specifically good for this task? Once you identify this skill or knowledge and specify this as skill requirements for the task, the team knows exactly what it takes to get it and you know exactly what skills to cultivate;

  • Identify issues and projects at risk due to skill gaps/bottlenecks with

  • Identify team members with exclusive knowledge/skills

  • Make timely risk management decisions as to knowledge transfer, training, or documentation

  • Make informed HR decisions and hire efficiently, knowing exactly the traits/skills you need for current and upcoming projects

You can check out a full list of features offered by Skills for Jira here: