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  • Any user can explore the skill tree, viewing skill hierarchy and the qualified experts

  • Users can search for 1 or more skills to to find experts with the required skill set

  • Users can inspect experts’s experts’ skill sets

  • Users can identify skill gaps by comparing expert’s skill set with another user, group or any set of skills


You can read more about self-service assignments here: Self-Service Assignments

Delivery Analysis

  • Authorized users can simulate what happens if the specified set of users (all by default) pull tasks from their work queue as soon as they are available (based on the time estimates of the existing tasks and Assignments configuration)

  • User will see performance stats forecast as well improvement opportunities

    • Users utilization (out of user's total capacity (8h * (project end - project start)), how many hours were they working on tasks)

    • User utilization over time (chart)

    • Skill sets utilization

    • Skill set utilization over time (chart)

    • Delays (issues delayed due to temporary no experts)

    • Blocked (issues not progressing due to no experts)

    • Throttling (skill sets that throttle your project)

  • Recommendations:

    • Ideal combination of skill sets that would maximize the delivery efficiency?

    • Adding people with which skill sets would help increase the speed the most?

  • Experiments (allow making "changes" to the composition and re-run simulation):

    Adding virtual people with recommended skill sets, removing people

    User can monitor delivery metrics across work queues and identify issues like bottlenecks, blockers and idle time

  • User can see the forecast of delivery performance

  • User can view view past and future assignments on a timeline


  • Inspect each user’s personal work queue (i.e. the ordered list of tasks, first of which will be assigned to the user upon pressing the “Get next task” button)

  • View the same tasks that the user sees in their Self-Service Assignments Dashboard

  • View tasks that are hidden from the user due to queue configuration

  • View skill gaps that prevent user from pulling tasks from their assigned work queues