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Self service Assignments help you replace your work distribution process with a single button, eliminating overhead and subjectivity and making sure team is never idle and is always focused on the most important work.

Based on the Work Queues defined by Administrator, Skills for Jira makes sure that the task assigned will always be the most important task that the team member has the skills and knowledge to accomplish.

User Console / Assignments

Members of groups assigned to any of the work queues gain access to the Assignments dashboard in their Skills for Jira - User Console.

Tasks in Progress

Here Users will see all the tasks that they pulled by pressing “Get next task” and have not yet completed.


This section only includes tasks from User’s work queues that are in one of the statuses marked as “In Progress” in the respective queue.

User’s personal work queue

User’s personal Work Queue is dynamic and is based on user’s current skill set as well as all the queues the user has access to.


Tasks that require skills beyond User’s capabilities are by default hidden from the queue but can be displayed by disabling the “Only show tasks that match my expertise” toggle if allowed in the queue configuration.

Tasks that are blocked by the other tasks are hidden until the blocker is resolved.

“Get next task” button

“Get next task” assigns the next most important task from the User’s Work Queue to the User and transition it in progress based on the work queue configuration.


Some Queues may be hidden from Users based on their configuration. While tasks from such Queues are not displayed in the “Work Queue” section, they are considered during assignments

Skills Demand

In addition to their work queue, User gets to see quantified demand for each of the skill sets used by tasks in their Work Queue along with experts qualified for each skill set. Skills that are not yet mastered by the User will be marked in Red.

Knowing which skill gaps stand between the User and more interesting or challenging tasks in the shared work queue can be motivational and helpful in planning their professional development.

Jira Dashboard Widget

In addition to a full-fledged dashboard, Administrator can add the “Get next task” button in any existing Jira dashboard:


Instructions for configuring Self-Service Assignments can be found here: Configuring Self-Service Assignments