Risk Analytics

Risk Analysis is only available in Skills for Jira Enterprise edition.

Risk Analysis helps keep track of skill and knowledge-related risks that may affect your current or upcoming projects.

By analyzing your team’s skill sets against any given set of tasks: projects, sprints, or quarterly plans, Risk Analysis will reveal skill gaps and experts with unique knowledge, allowing you to mitigate early with measures like training, knowledge transfer, documentation or hiring.


Scarce skill sets

Real life assignments rarely require just one skill. While individual skills might be common in your team, their combinations might be rare, causing project delays or worse a risk of knowledge loss:

Issues at risk

Knowing which of the tasks are at risk can help you estimate the severity of the risk and make informed training, documentation or hiring decisions:

Critical experts

While having highly qualified and knowledgeable experts on the team is great, ignoring unique product or technical knowledge they accumulate over time may be dangerous. The impact of an expert suddenly leaving the team can vary from a minor inconvenience to a full-scale disaster.

Risk Analysis helps reveal critical experts on a project on demand, helping you take preemptive measures:


Instructions for configuring Analytics can be found in https://totem-dev.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SKILLS/pages/462389252